By Madeleine Neisler

Happy Nikola Tesla Day everyone! Today we celebrate the namesake of Tesla Motors, and more importantly one of the most renowned inventors, electrical and mechanical engineers and physicists! He is most widely known for his influences on the development of the modern alternating current electricity supply system. Today we discuss some of his greatest accomplishments and celebrate how this genius helped to shape modern technology, still very much relevant in this day and age.

Photograph of Nikola Tesla – Courtesy of Wikipedia

Let us first delve into his background and how his name became one of the biggest in the engineering sector. Nikola Tesla was born in Serbia. At a young age, he expressed great interest in physics, namely electricity. In 1875, he enrolled at Austrian Polytechnic in Graz, Austria. He completely immersed himself in his studies, however he dropped out in 1878.

His first notable job was working at the Continental Edison Company in Paris, France. There, he worked in what at the time was a new industry; installing indoor incandescent lighting throughout the city. This gave him lots of experience in the field of electrical engineering.

In 1884, Nikola Tesla relocated to the United States and began working at Machine Works, located on Manhattan’s Lower East Side. There, he worked to troubleshoot installations and improve and develop generators. He left after just six months.

Edison Machine Works – Courtesy of Wikipedia

After leaving the Edison Company, he began working on patenting an arc lighting system. In 1885, he successfully obtained the patents and named the company Tesla Electric Light & Manufacturing. In 1886, Tesla met with Western Union superintendent, Alfred S. Brown and Charles F. Peck, a New York attorney. They formed the Tesla Electric Company in 1887, and Tesla began to work on inventing and improving new types of generators, electric motors and various other devices.

Tesla Coil – Courtesy of Pinterest

Now, let us discuss one of Nikola Tesla’s greatest accomplishments. One of the most notable of Tesla’s inventions is the Tesla Coil, invented in 1891. The Tesla Coil is an electrical resonant transformer circuit used to produce high-voltage, low-current high-frequency alternating current electricity.



All of this leads us to the Tesla cars we see today. Tesla, Inc. was of course named after Nikola Tesla. The Tesla Roadster uses an AC motor derived straight from Nikola Tesla’s 1882 design. These amazing cars run entirely on electricity! We have Nikola Tesla to thank for his early innovations and creations that led to the invention of Tesla cars. You can learn more about Tesla cars on their website.

Tesla Model S – Courtesy of

Since Nikola Tesla’s birthday is July 10, we celebrate World Tesla Day, Nikola Tesla Day, or rather Tesla Day each year on that day. Some things you can do to celebrate are visit the headquarters (if you are located nearby) and take a tour or go see an exhibit featuring the Tesla Coil. Once again, happy Nikola Tesla Day everybody! We hope you find a great way to celebrate.