By Bill Svokos

Is there such a thing as impossible? This all boils down to perspective. Things that are deemed impossible one day become a day to day routine the next. For example, man being able to fly was considered an impossible task, yet today thousands of people are flying, daily, as normal routine. Some may say this is due to an advance in technology, or intellect, of mankind over time, but what is it that gets us past that threshold? What is it that causes the change from impossible, to possible? The short answer is you have to ask a question. Ask yourself, ask others, but at the end of the day a question must be posed. Why is this you might say, because in order to find the answer to something impossible, you first need the question as to why, or what, is “impossible”.

Before I start to sound preachy or uninformative, the key to innovation is all about asking questions. Asking the questions that do not have right or wrong answers, only answers. Each question and answer is a path to a conclusion. This is how you blaze any new frontier, you have to take that first step out the door. You have to pick the path to the left, the right, or into an unknown direction. If your choice doesn’t produce the anticipated results then you go back and choose again. Probability states that eventually, by chance, you will choose the right answer at some point; therefore, shifting to the crux point of possible from impossible is inevitable. There is always a way, we may just not know the way yet.

The beauty of this is when it comes to the path to solving impossibilities is no one knows the answer, any idea is a possibility. Actually the creativity of diversifying ideas is what expedites the process of innovation. Having like minded people working to answer a question will not leave room for the obscure, because what is obscure to some, is normal to others. This type of contrasting thinking is what branches out into new frontiers, where the possibilities were unknown, or unfathomable. These new frontiers are what lead us to making the impossible possible. This brand new way of looking at the world, and changing what we know all still comes from one singular first step, asking the question.

Is there such a thing as something being impossible? That is all dependent on you, the individual. How far are you willing to go? How many questions are you willing to ask? This, at the end of the day, will be the determining factor, because to every question there is an answer, and if there is an answer to every question then nothing is impossible. As stated before there is no right answer, there is no wrong answer, there are only answers. The key is what you do with the answers you receive. So the impossible is definitely possible, all you have to do is ask “the question”, the question that will lead you to the path of discovery, and only you know what that question is. Only you can use that answer to further your journey toward self-enlightenment, and maybe even the enlightenment of all people. So what is your question?