By Chris Fischer

Another year, another incredible SOLIDWORKS WORLD is in the books. First off, many thanks to the city of Los Angeles, CA for once again being such gracious hosts, and showing the engineering community the right way to let loose, while learning how to shape the future.

From catered food like the BACON display, to specialty beers, and live music the entire SOLIDWORKS WORLD was filled with plenty of fun – oh, and with plenty of Mechanical Design.

This year SOLIDWORKS kicked off the celebrations by recognizing the Certified SOLIDWORKS Professional (CSWP) community turning 20. Way back in 1998, the very first version of the CSWP exam was introduced. Since then, nearly 35,000 people have earned the right to call themselves a CSWP. For the fun of it, I have attached a SolidWorks® 98 User’s Guide. This may bring back fun memories for quite a few of you.

This year CIDEON was also able to participate in the 20th celebration year, by having our very own SOLIDWORKS veteran Rolf Lisse, VP Software Development & Customer Support, as well as Peter Vandrey, Head of Product Management from CIDEON Software & Services GmbH & Co. KG, join the festivities in sunny Los Angeles, CA.

Both Rolf, and Peter started their career with SolidWorks® 98, celebrating their 20th year of using the software this year, with SOLIDWORKS 2018.

Bring back memories? SolidWorks® 98

Rolf, and Peter continue to use the software, focusing now more on our core technology at CIDEON – the integration story from SOLIDWORKS into ERP, to support the supply of engineering data to the downstream business functions such as Purchasing, Manufacturing, and the Digital Supply Chain / IoT.

As for myself, my history with SOLIDWORKS is much younger – but I can honestly say since day one I’ve felt quite welcome being part of this wonderful community & ecosystem. In fact, my first day on the job at CIDEON I joined the SolidWorks LinkedIn group which now has a total of 90,900 active members.

Every year since joining CIDEON 6 years ago, I look forward to the annual SOLIDWORKS WORLD conference, due to the focus on creating, experiencing, designing, and innovating as part of the community – headlined by the slogan “Community-Driven”.

From the top Engineering Programs & Universities in the World, Global Industrial Giants, Commercial Supersonic Passenger Airplanes, the Next Generation Automobile Infrastructure technology, to leading Medical Device companies, and even Hollywood; SOLIDWORKS is found in classrooms, in offices, and out in the field helping to create the world as we know today, and shape the future.

SOLIDWORKS is in a unique position, being part of the larger Dassault Systèmes, a World Leader in 3D Design & Engineering Software focusing on PLM & 3D Modeling, Software, Simulation Apps and Industry Solutions.

Bernard Charlès, who joined Dassault Systèmes in 1983, welcomed the entire SWW community this year in Los Angeles, CA with a powerful, and impressive keynote before handing over the keys to the General Session which was led by his SOLIDWORKS Executive team.

Bernard Charlès moved through the R&D ranks during the late 80’s, and early 90’s, having been in charge as Chief Executive Officer since September 1995. This tenure alone speaks to the stability, and growth of the organization as a whole.

In 1997, Bernard Charlès decided to acquire SolidWorks, to gain control of the distribution network. This acquisition helped shape the future for 3D CAD, as we know it today, with SOLIDWORKS leading the way.

Today, the Executive Management for SOLIDWORKS is led by CEO Gian Paolo Bassi, and his team of 9 VP’s & Sr. Director’s, in charge of the day to day operations at SOLIDWORKS.

During SOLIDWORKS WORLD 2018, Gian Paolo Bassi made quite the entrance, together with Bernard Charlès. I was lucky enough to land in a front row seat as the two CEO’s made their Hollywood entrance via a custom built moving carriage dining table, designed in SOLIDWORKS.

SOLIDWORKS WORLD takes place across 4 Days.

Day 1 the focus was on the Partners, who enable SOLIDWORKS, and Dassault Systèmes to continue building on the success as a World Leader in 3D Design & Engineering Software.

Day 2 the General Session kicks off, with each day touching on one key point. Day 2 the focus was the FUTURE. Think, innovate, and shape.

Day 3 the General Session focused on INNOVATION, including the innovation of the first independently developed Supersonic Jet, IoT, and Wearable Robots that help people walk again.

Day 4, the General session concluded with NEXT is NOW, which put into perspective how far we have come designing & innovating, using technology such as SOLIDWORKS, and the ongoing advancements in real world appliances & software technology – including new features within SOLIDWORKS 2019.

All in all, the entire SOLIDWORKS WORLD was a success!

And to conclude the blog – on Day 1 of SOLIDWORKS WORLD, CIDEON’s hometown hero’s the Philadelphia Eagles took down the New England Patriots, to bring the first Super Bowl trophy to the City of Philadelphia. No better way to kick off #SWW18.

Go Eagles!!

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