By Madeleine Neisler

Interested in learning more about CAD, PDM, PLM, and how to enable IoT by leveraging the integration into ERP? Meet CIDEON, and watch our interview with MCADCafe at SOLIDWORKS World 2018 for more…

To start out the interview, Christoph praised the home town heroes, the Philadelphia Eagles, who stunned the football world the night prior to the kick off at SOLIDWORKS World by defeating the mighty New England Patriots. #GoEagles!



Jeff Rowe, the Executive Editor at, got right down to the point asking about CIDEON’s role within the CAD, PDM & PLM space, and our reason for participating at the SOLIDWORKS World – a largely engineering driven community event, with 5000+ attendees, primarily with a background in engineering, CAD, design to manufacturing, and data management.

In short, we introduce CIDEON as a software integration specialist, partnering with SOLIDWORKS, and SAP on the ERP side, providing an end-to-end, closed loop Product Lifecycle Management solution – by leveraging SAP technology.

Headquartered out of Germany, CIDEON has a close development partnership to the German ERP Giant, SAP, and supports customers worldwide, with the CIDEON America operations supporting the North American market – regional HQ out of Devon, PA – Philadelphia.

At SOLIDWORKS World CIDEON took the opportunity to showcase the flagship product, the SAP Engineering Control Center (ECTR) Interface to SOLIDWORKS.

To learn more about the SAP ECTR Interface to SOLIDWORKS, take a look at the following demo on YouTube.

This software package is co-developed with SAP, listed on SAP’s official price list, and a powerful authoring tool integration connecting R&D / Engineering data with Business data in SAP – such as Material Masters (items), Bills of Materials (BOM’s), and automatically feeding the Logistics departments such as Purchasing, Manufacturing & the Supply Chain with the live engineering data.

For close to 10 years, CIDEON has participated at the SOLIDWORKS World, in order to showcase this powerful integration software to the engineering community, especially the SOLIDWORKS users, CAD Managers, and Engineering / IT Directors, responsible for improving their day-to-day engineering processes, manufacturing processes, and to provide better, faster & more efficient throughput.

To Jeff’s question on any specific trends we see occurring in the SAP integration space, it was a clear answer with Internet of Things – IoT.

SAP Customers are actively investing into their IoT strategies & solutions, in order to keep up with the fast paced industry trends whether industrial or consumer based, and simultaneously built a sustainable solution for the future. Software will be one of the biggest drivers in this space.

CIDEON’s word of caution within the IoT space is for companies running on ERP, investing heavily in IoT, designing, purchasing, producing & selling products, it is critical to ‘first lay the foundation, before building the house. Otherwise the entire house will crumble’.

In the CIDEON & SAP integration language, this means to first organize your Engineering data, CAD data, Product Data (PDM) because this is the very beginning stage of the “product”, and leverage the SAP Engineering Control Center to bring this data into SAP (the foundation). From this point on, your data is connected to the Enterprise, meaning with the network of physical devices, appliances & exchange of data in place, IoT can be enabled.

Take a look, share, comment, and contact us for more! Your efficient engineering partner, CIDEON