Some of you have been following us for a while and can easily answer this question while others may have just tapped into our story and have asked, who is CIDEON? We are a globally operating specialist for future-proof engineering solutions. Our core focus areas are PLM/PDM implementation, CAD integration, and engineering expertise – particularly in process optimization and automation. Over the past 25 years, more than 10,000 companies in more than 30 countries have taken advantage of the range of CIDEON services – to implement and optimize engineering processes and increase performance, customer benefits and business value.

CIDEON is a part of the Friedhelm Loh Group and has 300 employees working at 16 locations in Germany, Austria, and the US, with the headquarters in Munich, Germany. CIDEON is the group’s specialist in mechatronics, with extensive engineering know-how and ERP/PLM integration expertise. CIDEON is an Autodesk Platinum Partner within the German-speaking countries and an SAP Platinum Partner globally. CIDEON maintains a number of other partnerships relevant to achieving excellence in mechatronic engineering.

In the US, the focus of the CIDEON Portfolio is SAP PLM, with the vision of creating cohesive and collaborative working environments for companies, as well as sustainable and effective processes and holistic data, to stay competitive in a fast moving world.

CIDEON works closely with customers and partners around the world and our engineers, software developers, consultants, and trainers establish the conditions for interdisciplinary, mechatronic engineering of the future: modern, digital process chains generating the digital thread to guarantee consistency in product development. Data from ECAD, MCAD, software, and PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) consistently streams through the value creation chain in an overarching process. Mechatronic and Industry 4.0 projects are efficiently implemented using the high degree of interface capability that multinational CIDEON teams provide, as well as extensive branch knowledge, many years of experience, and engineering process know-how.

The aim is to establish and develop competitive advantages for the long term for our customers through shorter development and project times utilizing engineering integration into commercial processes. Greater transparency is the basis for corporate decision-making, automation of manual tasks, increase in innovation through technology transfer, resulting in an overall lowering of costs along with improved product and process quality.

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