By Madeleine Neisler

The time for EPLAN and CIDEON Virtual Fair 2018 has arrived and we are excited to bring you this innovative, informative, and overall transformative event! Today we’ll go over what the EPLAN and CIDEON Virtual Fair actually is, highlights from last year’s Virtual Fair, and what you can expect this year on May 15th. So without further ado, let’s get started!

To begin, what is the EPLAN and CIDEON Virtual Fair? Essentially it is an event encompassing many live presentations and demos for new solutions from EPLAN and CIDEON. Last year the event kicked off on March 21, 2017. There were about 950 registrants from 70 countries around the world! Every one of the participants had their own clearly defined “home field advantage.” Since the event is a virtual one, attendance at the fair starts on your schedule, regardless of what location globally you might be in. I.e. Mumbai, Peking, Barcelona or even Stuttgart. You can also join from a multitude of devices ranging from tablets and computers to smart phones.
Last year the fair took place about a month before the Hannover Messe event. By doing so, the EPLAN and CIDEON Virtual Fair delivered fascinating insights into the upcoming product highlights for those planning to attend. The SAP Engineering Control Center Interface to EPLAN was a crowd pleaser, as was the new EPLAN data portal. Tips and tricks on best use of MCAD in engineering, and new areas for automation were also unveiled. In addition, engineering specialists’ strategies for solutions and service portfolios took place and experts were available for live chat throughout the day.

So what does an event like this really look like? After all attendees had logged in, they got an overview of the virtual rooms and available sessions. The pinnacle of the Virtual Fair was an auditorium which hosted live presentations every hour – much like what we can expect of this year’s Virtual Fair! The software demo area was of great interest to attendees; this was where consultants delivered insights into the software solutions. Another hit was the manufacturing integration hour with EPLAN Pro Panel and Smart Wiring, in addition to the large array of demonstrations, which shed light on multiple core engineering challenges faced today.
In the hall of the trade fair there were different booths, which included the House of Mechatronics. In the community area, there were an additional 18 partners showcasing solutions – in relation to EPLAN and CIDEON’s products and services. The networking area was of particular interest to the attendees. This is because it was where EPLAN and CIDEON experts from 29 different countries shared their insight and knowledge with attendees – everyone from executive staff to design engineers, developers, and innovators. What a great opportunity!

This year’s event is happening post Hanover Messe. For those that missed the show you’ll have the opportunity to visit a 360 degree Digital Twin of our booth. You can expect more on engineering automation, EPLAN’s latest solutions, and new co-innovations with CIDEON. Remember you can join anytime throughout the day May 15th with 12 hours of continuous sessions – and if you just can’t make it registration is the way to find out about available replays. Register online – we hope to see you there!