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Cideon Software GmbH & Co. KG and Seal Systems AG Forge Partnership

Software companies Cideon Software GmbH & Co. KG and Seal Systems AG, providers of conversion and output management solutions for SAP, have entered into a partnership. The aim is to optimize and enhance their respective data-conversion as well as information and document-provision product portfolios. The two companies’ existing solutions will not be affected.

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Insects in Engineering

By Madeleine Neisler

We’re in the midst of summer and, in many places, it’s not only hot out – but the bugs are out too. This got me thinking about insects in engineering… always thinking engineering. You may ask yourself how an insect could be involved in an engineers experiment. Have you looked closely at, let’s say, a beetle? Every beetle has a special shell, almost like a suit of armor to protect it. According to Manufacturing and Engineering Magazine, engineers are working to de-code the architecture of a beetle’s shell in order to make evolutionary advancements in the engineering field. Continue reading “Insects in Engineering”

Making the Impossible, Possible

By Bill Svokos

Is there such a thing as impossible? This all boils down to perspective. Things that are deemed impossible one day become a day to day routine the next. For example, man being able to fly was considered an impossible task, yet today thousands of people are flying, daily, as normal routine. Some may say this is due to an advance in technology, or intellect, of mankind over time, but what is it that gets us past that threshold? What is it that causes the change from impossible, to possible? The short answer is you have to ask a question. Ask yourself, ask others, but at the end of the day a question must be posed. Why is this you might say, because in order to find the answer to something impossible, you first need the question as to why, or what, is “impossible”.

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Nikola Tesla Day

By Madeleine Neisler

Happy Nikola Tesla Day everyone! Today we celebrate the namesake of Tesla Motors, and more importantly one of the most renowned inventors, electrical and mechanical engineers and physicists! He is most widely known for his influences on the development of the modern alternating current electricity supply system. Today we discuss some of his greatest accomplishments and celebrate how this genius helped to shape modern technology, still very much relevant in this day and age.

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SAP Optimization & Performance Tuning – Implementation; Part 2

By Matt Costello and Travis Stonebraker

The implementation of SAP, supporting software, and other tools can impact system performance. With SAP, as with any software implementation, if the implementation is not run properly or corners are cut, the users will suffer in their day to day activities. In Part 2 of SAP Optimization and Performance Tuning, we’ll focus on how issues caused by poor implementations can be avoided, as well as discuss some best practices to follow.

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Week of Making

By Madeleine Neisler

Welcome to the National Week of Making everyone! What an exciting time to be a “maker.” With all of the advances in modern technology we are sure to see some great inventions and meet the amazing makers behind them. National Week of Making is happening right now! It started June 16 and runs until June 22, 2017.

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Legacy CAD Data Migration to SAP – Part Two

By Matthew Costello

A business migrating data from a legacy software into any new system, including SAP, has hurdles to overcome, even once the high-level plan for the migration has been discussed and put in place. There is more to it than just moving files from one storage location to another. Ideally, the migrated files will be searchable, usable, and migrated in a way that best suits the business needs. In part one of this blog, we discussed considerations for coming up with a migration strategy, as well as how to relate the legacy system to the SAP system. Here, we will talk about some of the key details that can make or break the end to end migration processes such as data extraction, metadata mapping, and standardization. We will also touch on data cleansing and responsibilities.

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Engineering Behind Running Shoes

By Madeleine Neisler

Each year, millions of runners across the globe join in celebrating Global Running Day. This year, it takes place on June 7th. Participation is easy – just lace up those shoes and go for run. The idea is to spread the joy of running – in a marathon, around the block, or just in a game of tag.

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A Newcomer’s Perspective on Sapphire Now 2017

By Khalif Woodard

As I boarded the plane from Philadelphia, PA to Orlando, FL I pondered what my experience would be like at SAPPHIRE Now. I envisioned an exciting time with very knowledgeable people, and that is the exact experience that I had. This was my first time attending SAPPHIRE Now and most certainly will not be my last. Rows and rows of exhibitors occupied the 1,000,000 square feet of Orlando’s North and South convention center halls. Each booth possessed its own unique appearance, as well as its own unique brand of people. There were so many companies at this event and their focus was learning more about SAP and connecting with the community at large.

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