SAP Engineering Control Center (ECTR)

ECTR directly integrates engineering CAD systems with SAP® ERP, automating Material Master (MM) and Bill of Material (BOM) creation in SAP®. MM and BOM’s are then created directly from the CAD structure and these “items” are used by purchasing, manufacturing, and other SAP® ERP users on the business side.


CIDEON Conversion Engine

CIDEON’s Conversion Engine automatically creates neutral files such as PDF’s from the original authoring application, stores files in SAP® ‘s Document Management System, and makes the neutral files accessible to SAP® for viewing (e.g., CAD and/or MS Office). Neutral files can be in the form of PDF’s, TIFF, JT, and many other supported formats based on customer need. The neutral files are automatically generated, stamped and stored in SAP®’s Document Management system (DMS), and immediately available to SAP users with authorization to access such as purchasing, manufacturing, and/or sales.


CIDEON Output Management

Automatically collects, stamps, packages, and distributes documents from SAP® to departments such as purchasing, manufacturing shop floor, or externally to suppliers.

CIDEON View Manager

View Manager dynamically stamps/watermarks PDF’s upon viewing, printing, and distributing in SAP®.

CIDEON Ahead Manager

Automatically moves engineering CAD data across dedicated SAP content servers, based on design need and design collaboration requirements. Ahead Manager is responsible for security and performance.

CIDEON CAD Collaboration

This process is a mass import of legacy data from the former PDM/PLM system into SAP®’s Document Management System. Import PDM is able to read the full structure (Assemblies, Parts etc) and import into SAP, where physical files and metadata are stored.

CIDEON Release Migrator

Automatically updates SOLIDWORKS and Inventor CAD files stored in SAP® to the latest CAD version for compatibility and regulatory reasons. Release Migrator is able to update the CAD files regardless of locked status in SAP®.