Wouldn’t the world be so much better without the burden of cancer? Varian is doing a lot in the fight against cancer as a leading producer of medical devices for advancing cancer treatment. Across 150 countries approximately 100,000 patients are treated on Varian equipment every day. It is crucial that these oncology and radiation systems are designed, produced, and maintained properly to meet demand and regulatory requirements.

Just as important, is the protection of our environment from chemical waste, which has complicated product compliance for Varian. Under the Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) directive, Varian had to reengineer many of its products in order to make their chemical compositions environmentally compliant. This was a big task, and Varian needed a solution that could aid them along every step of the way, from efficient reengineering to transparent manufacturing.

SAP Product lifecycle Management was the perfect tool to help them obtain that challenge by effectively managing all product data along the journey. The foundation for that is SAP Engineering Control Center. Curious how they use SAP and how the build the foundation layer for integrated SAP PLM?

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