Efficient Engineering

The Digital Paper Factory Efficiently Engineered Part 1

By Madeleine Neisler

The lifecycle of an engineering design does not simply and solely occur within the space of a single person’s scope of work, rather it is an essential part of both the Product Lifecycle and downstream Supply Chain processes. Throughout the entire process – from inception to production, distribution and consumption – designs generate data including documents and the information they contain which are key elements to manufacturing organizations.

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The Hidden World of Engineering

I guess it goes without saying; humans are not the only species who can do engineering. Although animals and plants are not engineers in the sense of titles and research, they are known for their building, creating, and digging abilities. In our ongoing series of cool engineering – today’s feature focuses on  ecosystem engineers capable of creating structures, tunnels, etc. They modify, maintain, and even destroy habitats. Although they are not human or mechanical engineers, these species play a vital part in preserving the health and stability of our global environment.

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Autodesk University 2018

As we touched on in our last blog – PI PLMx 2018 we have lots of events this fall. We won’t even be cooling off between PI and one of our all-time favorites, Autodesk University! This year it’s in Las Vegas from November 13 to 15, 2018. What can you expect from Autodesk University 2018?

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SAPPHIRE NOW and the ASUG Annual Conference only comes once a year, but you can reap the benefits all year long! From downloadable content to implementation strategies, inspirational stories and more SAPPHIRE is the conference that keeps on giving. This week we wanted to take a moment to share another highlight with you. As mentioned in one of our previous blogs, at SAPPHIRE NOW and the ASUG Annual Conference 2018 the PLM Alliance highlighted the SAP® Engineering Control Center: Where the Digital Twin Begins! We had a chance at the event to speak with customers, associates, and partners about SAP PLM, the SAP Engineering Control Center, and their experiences. Some granted interviews and agreed to share their stories.

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PI PLMx 2018 – Introduction Blog

By Madeleine Neisler

As previously mentioned in, IMTS/Hannover Messe 2018 we have more exciting events in store for this fall with a back to back lineup throughout the month of November. Next up is PI PLMx 2018, taking place in Chicago this year November 5th and 6th at the Westin Michigan Ave.

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Agricultural Engineering Developments in Food Sustainability

By Madeleine Neisler

World Food Day is annually held on October 16th to commemorate the founding of the United Nations’ (UN) Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). Why? As supply and demand for fresh food including livestock, fish, produce and other harvests continues to increase, FAO aims to raise levels of nutrition across the globe. Working to improve agricultural productivity, assisting in agricultural policy changes, and aiding regions in famine situations. One way in which they achieve these goals is through agricultural engineers whom to continue developing new methods for sustainability.

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IMTS/Hannover Messe USA, 2018

By Madeleine Neisler

Welcome back everyone. We just wrapped up another exciting event – well two really. IMTS and Hannover Messe USA, 2018 were so amazing this year and we want to share with you all of the amazing things we experienced at these two phenomenal events. Let’s get started!

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Digital Twin to Live Engineering

by Pia Banasch

Welcome back to our series on the the digital twin. In our previous post, The Myth of the Digital Twin, we touched on opportunities of digital twin, Gartner’s predictions, critical data, and the fact that – for most companies – digital twin remains a myth today. How do we change that? Are there practical areas encompassing elements of the digital twin we are already engaged in at our businesses? Four come immediately to mind.

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A World Without Fear of Cancer

Wouldn’t the world be so much better without the burden of cancer? Varian is doing a lot in the fight against cancer as a leading producer of medical devices for advancing cancer treatment. Across 150 countries approximately 100,000 patients are treated on Varian equipment every day. It is crucial that these oncology and radiation systems are designed, produced, and maintained properly to meet demand and regulatory requirements.

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Lincoln Electric’s Harris Products Group Achieves Measurable Results with SAP PLM

At SAPPHIRE NOW |ASUG Annual Conference 2018 the PLM Alliance showcased SAP® Engineering Control Center: Where the Digital Twin Begins! During SAPPHIRE NOW we spoke with customers, colleagues, and partners about their point of view on SAP PLM, the SAP Engineering Control Center, and their journey with SAP. Some agreed to share their story and did spontaneous interviews.

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The Importance of Information Sharing and CIDEON’s Contribution

These days the most successful companies are open-minded and promote a culture of information sharing, which means encouraging their employees to make their knowledge available to others within the company and, selectively, to partners. It’s the essential approach for the survival of enterprises to collaborate. However, not every company is able to achieve this goal in a secure way today. There is often a lack of information sharing within companies, a tendency toward tribal and specialist knowledge, which results in inefficiency or errors. This often stems from the fact that many companies don’t have the right software to share the information in an efficient way or the software is not working consistently along the value chain.

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R&D and Engineering Roadshow 2018

By Madeleine Neisler

Hello again everyone! It’s time for another roadshow. This time it is for R&D and Engineering. There will be two events back to back in two different cities. So what is the roadshow all about? The R&D Customer Roadshow from SAP embodies many things all in one. It is all about how manufacturing companies are ever developing their product development strategies, so as to respond to globalization initiatives, amplified regulatory and reporting necessities, changes in consumer and customer demands and variations in technology. As you can see there is a lot to cover!

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Wrap-Up SAPPHIRE Now & ASUG Annual Conference 2018

By Madeleine Neisler

Another great event has come and gone. SAPPHIRE Now & ASUG Annual Conference 2018 was truly spectacular this year! In this blog we will talk about the general themes and take a closer look at what this exciting event had to offer. We will also recap the sessions we spoke about in our previous blog – including the one that our very own Christoph Fischer presented. Let’s get started!

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SAP Engineering Control Center – What SAP ECTR Can Do For You

First off, you may be asking yourself, what is SAP Engineering Control Center (ECTR)? SAP ECTR allows you to integrate your product data into one source of truth – SAP. No more winding “roads” of data silos, jumping in and out of systems, or waiting for the data to go “in SAP” to take the next action step to get products out the door. SAP ECTR is part of the enterprise SAP Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platform and SAP Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) process. Continue reading “SAP Engineering Control Center – What SAP ECTR Can Do For You”

Sapphire Now & ASUG 2018

By Madeleine Neisler

Sapphire Now & ASUG is fast approaching, and we simply cannot wait to go to this phenomenal annual tech event. We will be there with the rest of the PLM Alliance in booth 223. This year, the Sapphire Now and ASUG Annual Conference takes place in Orlando, FL from June 5th through 7th, 2018. With nearly 2,000 sessions, you can definitely expect to see, learn, and do more than ever before.

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Advancements in Medical Technology: Spider Silk

By Madeleine Neisler

Every now and again we like to dip into new and exciting engineering projects. Advancements happen so rapidly, we often don’t hit them as fast or frequent as we’d like. But that doesn’t stop of us from loving this spider silk medical technology tie-in. Like most people I know, I find spiders to be very scary, although fascinating. Arachnids are amazing creatures. They produce and carry the material to build their own homes, capture their own food, and now, their silk is making advancements in biomedical research. Today we will look at some examples of how spiders are changing the way we think about medical technology, specifically their silk.

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EPLAN & CIDEON Virtual Fair May 15th, 2018

By Madeleine Neisler

The time for EPLAN and CIDEON Virtual Fair 2018 has arrived and we are excited to bring you this innovative, informative, and overall transformative event! Today we’ll go over what the EPLAN and CIDEON Virtual Fair actually is, highlights from last year’s Virtual Fair, and what you can expect this year on May 15th. So without further ado, let’s get started!

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The Myth of the Digital Twin

by Pia Banasch

With the Digital Twin, digital and real worlds merge. Especially in the B-to-B environment, there are almost no limits to the possible applications.

The digital image of reality isn’t just a Hollywood dream like the film Avatar, but also a defining term in the world of Industry 4.0. According to Gartner article Prepare for the Impact of Digital Twins by Chrity Pettey, Gartner predicts that by 2021, half of large industrial companies will use digital twins, resulting in those organizations gaining a 10% improvement in effectiveness. It is therefore understandable that in the next ten years a large proportion of the producing companies will be dealing with digital twins. A good reason to take a closer look at the topic.

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Who is CIDEON?

Some of you have been following us for a while and can easily answer this question while others may have just tapped into our story and have asked, who is CIDEON? We are a globally operating specialist for future-proof engineering solutions. Our core focus areas are PLM/PDM implementation, CAD integration, and engineering expertise – particularly in process optimization and automation. Over the past 25 years, more than 10,000 companies in more than 30 countries have taken advantage of the range of CIDEON services – to implement and optimize engineering processes and increase performance, customer benefits and business value. Continue reading “Who is CIDEON?”

SAP Connected Product Lifecycle

By Madeleine Neisler

SAP Connected Product Lifecycle was first showcased at the Hannover Industrial Fair in 2016. This video provides a high level overview of the various aspects of a connected product lifecycle in SAP including SAP Engineering Control Center (ECTR) and how it makes your business more efficient. Take a quick look at the video.

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CIDEON Vault Professional Integration to SAP – PDM Business Integration with SAP ERP/PLM Made Easy

By Madeleine Neisler

Welcome back everyone! Today we will be giving you a brief overview of the CIDEON Vault Professional Integration to SAP. We will also show you how to make your business process integration easy. The embedded link will take you to a page where you can register to learn more about this exciting innovation. So without further ado, let us get started!

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The American Dream – What are the Similarities Between Germany and America?

By Pia Banasch

“That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” It’s been 48 years since American astronaut, Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon. It’s been a good ten years since CIDEON discovered the United States for itself. But what are the similarities and differences between the German and American markets? Jennifer Moore, Vice President Sales at Cideon America, Inc. will give you some insight into how the markets and cultures are similar and how she is facing the opportunities and challenges in her daily business.

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Enable IoT by Leveraging Integration to ERP

By Madeleine Neisler

Interested in learning more about CAD, PDM, PLM, and how to enable IoT by leveraging the integration into ERP? Meet CIDEON, and watch our interview with MCADCafe at SOLIDWORKS World 2018 for more…

To start out the interview, Christoph praised the home town heroes, the Philadelphia Eagles, who stunned the football world the night prior to the kick off at SOLIDWORKS World by defeating the mighty New England Patriots. #GoEagles!



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PLM Roadshow: We Make Engineers Want SAP

Skip ahead and Register now! for Atlanta or Boston

Discrete Manufacturing companies are continuously evolving due to shifting market trends, new enabling technologies, and increasing customer requirements. Successful companies react quickly and flexibly by taking advantage of advancing digitization of engineering, design, and production processes. But how do you handle this massive data overload and still stay flexible and one step ahead of your competitors? Continue reading “PLM Roadshow: We Make Engineers Want SAP”

Solidworks World

By Chris Fischer

Another year, another incredible SOLIDWORKS WORLD is in the books. First off, many thanks to the city of Los Angeles, CA for once again being such gracious hosts, and showing the engineering community the right way to let loose, while learning how to shape the future.

From catered food like the BACON display, to specialty beers, and live music the entire SOLIDWORKS WORLD was filled with plenty of fun – oh, and with plenty of Mechanical Design.

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Solidworks World 2018 Part II

By Madeleine Neisler

SOLIDWORKS World 2018 is coming live to you in just a few weeks! It’s an awesome event showcasing multi-industry innovation, the latest in 3D design, STEM programs, and so much more. It’s a key event we especially look forward to. We are so thrilled to showcasing again this year in booth 933! Our previous SOLIDWORKS World 2018 blog talked about the agenda, looked at last year’s highlights, and what we can expect for 2018. In today’s blog we take a quick look at the agenda, reveal our special guest at the booth, and what we are most looking forward to.

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SILOKING Selects CIDEON for Efficient Engineering Using SAP ERP/PLM

When you think about Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), feeding cows probably isn’t the first thing to come to mind. However, feed mixers from SILOKING help farmers achieve sustainable high yields with optimal quality through process optimization in dairy cattle feeding – all with the help of CIDEON’s deployment of efficient engineering on SAP PLM during their conversion to SAP ERP. This consolidation of the software landscape improves the future viability of the fast-growing, innovative, engineering company.

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SAP – Predictive Analytics

By Madeleine Neisler

Happy New Year everyone, and welcome back! Today we are going to discuss SAP Predictive Analytics. To begin, what exactly is SAP Predictive Analytics? It is an all-encompassing formula that uses a broad range of statistical techniques derived from machine learning, data mining and predictive modelling used to make future predictions, in this case, regarding business. SAP Predictive Analytics allows businesses to utilize the software in order to forge better, faster, more efficient predictive results, provide machine learning at scale using a factory approach, and convey predictive insights where people can intermingle. Continue reading “SAP – Predictive Analytics”

“That’s Our Job”

By Pia Banasch

As you may already know, Cideon develops and implements integration solutions between market-leading MCAD and ECAD systems, as well as the SAP PLM system. But what is behind it? With the  SAP Engineering Control Center (ECTR) Interfaces you can “uniformly integrate all types of authoring tools into SAP PLM and thereby create a central repository for locally created product data” Reno Staschinski, Managing Director at Cideon, says. In general, the SAP Engineering Control Center Interface is an integration platform for authoring tools into the SAP PLM system.

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SolidWorks World 2018 – Part I

By Madeleine Neisler

It is coming up on the end of 2017 and this year’s events are coming to a close. We are already looking ahead to 2018 and the amazing events that will be taking place in the near future. SolidWorks World 2018 is no exception. We look forward to attending this event every year! Today we will go highlight the agenda, take a look at last year’s blog, what we have seen in years past and what we can expect for 2018. So without further ado, let us take a preliminary dive into SolidWorks World 2018.

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