By Madeleine Neisler

Hello again everyone! It’s time for another roadshow. This time it is for R&D and Engineering. There will be two events back to back in two different cities. So what is the roadshow all about? The R&D Customer Roadshow from SAP embodies many things all in one. It is all about how manufacturing companies are ever developing their product development strategies, so as to respond to globalization initiatives, amplified regulatory and reporting necessities, changes in consumer and customer demands and variations in technology. As you can see there is a lot to cover!

Digital Twin – Image Courtesy of SAP

So how will this event cover all of these topics? To respond effectively to the intricacies of each of these topics, advanced PLM strategies and collaborative solutions must be utilized, so as to understand automation and productivity advances, and to successfully support comprehensive product development across the enterprise. This event shows you how to do just that utilizing your enterprise platform, SAP.

The first event takes place at the SAP America headquarters in Newtown Square, PA on June 25, 2018. The second event will take place at SAP Chicago on June 26, 2018. During these free, full day event you will hear from experts and be able to learn about SAP’s R&D Strategy and Roadmap. Next, the event will feature cutting-edge solutions for Discrete Product Lifecycle Management, Process Product Lifecycle Management, and Project and Portfolio Management. Hear from customers about real life deployments and why SAP was the right choice for their company – not only in finance – but across the entire enterprise including design, engineering, R&D, and manufacturing. Lastly, you will have time to network with your peers and colleagues as well as SAP staff and partners.

Digital Twin – Image Courtesy of SAP

The target audience for this event are those supporting the product development process in R&D and associated IT departments of discrete and process manufacturing, service industries, and engineering, construction and operations firms. The presenters are SAP experts and customers. All in all, lots to learn and many opportunities to network. A blog on SAP gives more insight into SAP’s R&D strategy and roadmap.

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